Feb. 19th, 2010


Tonight I went to A&S 'cause Cts Jane was talking about metal corsets. This was her thesis paper and she actually made a copy of one of the extant corsets to fit herself in order to better understand how wearing one would feel. She wore hers through one working day, including wearing a backpack, running for a bus, and picking up things off the floor. She said the fit was good and she was able to deal with it for the day but it forced her posture and she was exceedinly happy to have it off that night and ached for days afterwards. It was fascinating to learn metal corsets were actually orthepedic devices in period to deal with scoliosis and tuberculer bone issues. One practitioner (in London?) had so many clients that the wealthiest could only be seen twice a month to adjust the device and change the shirt worn under it. Some clients might go a month between consultations. Imagine wearing a metal corset 24/7 and only changing your shirt once a month. Metal corsets only became fetish devices post period.


After starting the crock pot with a pork loin roast I went out for lunch and made stops at Kinkos, the library, a fuel stop and a Goodwill before heading home again. I did find a scrapbooking magazine for Leofwyna which made her very happy. I also found two yards of a nice colorful cotton batik for my quilting stash.

We tape the Olympics then fast forward to find the figure skating events to watch each evening this week. The male Russian skater needs a serious reality check though. I'm glad our skater got the gold.


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