Mar. 20th, 2010

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My very bad... not posting for a full week. I knew if I got involved in piecing for a quilt everything else would get neglected. Today is National Quilting Day though and it feels real good to have 57 log cabin blocks completed this week, although I need to do nearly as many again to have a full sized quilt top. I spent several days ironing and sorting the materials I'd washed, then another couple days cutting the strips before getting into the piecing. With the snow we had this week it was easy to stay in and apply myself to this project.

Spring is welcome... I'm getting mentally prepared to plunge into yardwork, gardening and cleaning up the garage prior to emptying the boxes in the spare room out onto pallets in the garage. This summer we'll sort and price this stuff for another (hopefully last for a long time) rummage sale.

In moving some of these boxes in the spare room the other day we found mildew in the corner wall and moisture on the floor. This is very bad as the insurance company had repaired this room after a water leak outside on this side of the house. That particular water pipe under our driveway and garage was completely sealed off and a different one installed to the neighbor through the city verge and we were told nothing further needed to be done about our foundation. Leofwyna is even more unhappy about all this than I am.


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