Apr. 8th, 2010

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After digging through several dozen boxes in the storage room I found a couple pieces of fabric perfect to make inner borders to zip up the log cabin top I've been putting together. I also had to break out enough more fabric bits to extend the pieced border another foot or two and made four more log cabin blocks for the corners. This turned out to be a really handsome full-to-queen size quilt top and I look forward to quilting it up... someday. I also found the tote that has some previously made quilt tops, including the pink sunburst top which was the last one I pieced more than 3 years ago.


When Leofwyna got up today we went out and spent a couple hours in the garage shifting stuff so we could remove the old shelves from the north wall. We want to get the nice shelves put up there and get the garage reorganized this spring. I'm planning on reusing the good brackets to put one long shelf back on the wall, above the window, to put the ice chests on. They're lightweight and this will keep them up out of the way.

While I was going through boxes the other day I ran across a quilt scrap box and today I started putting some four-patches in it together with a cute vintage fabric as alternate blocks. The vintage fabric is an odd dusty dark turquoise with chartreause and pink kids playing with balloons. I made these four-patches years ago before the foundation work was done so it feels good to be putting this together finally. Leofwyna has commented that she's glad to see me doing this again, too.


I made a quick run to the grocery store for bread and Pepsi I found a lovely pork roast (manager's special) for Thursday. The car is idling very roughly and is being 'herky' so I call the mechanic for an appointment; looks like a predicted maintenance will take place a month earlier than predicted.


The car was behaving itself just fine today while I hit the thrift stores and headed across town to A&S. I found a nice rose wool blanket, a cordial bottle, a cookbook and VCR tapes of Anna of Avonlea among other odds and ends.

I found candied orange peel in the clearance basket at IGA yesterday. Mmm, I want to make orange walnut cookies this weekend. The cookbook I found has a recipe I lost thirty years ago so I will be making chewy walnut bars sometime soon. Leofwyna has pointed out I still have a canister of crystalized ginger in the pantry to use in quickbread. I definitely see some baking in my future.

I've been piecing some more four-patches from the loose scraps to go along with the remaining four-patches for a future project. I also started piecing bits and strings too small to get decent squares from primarily to get said bits under control.


I got up briskly this morning in order to take the car to the mechanic to check into this engine check light and the 'herkiness'. Found it's the plugs and wires so I've got an appointment to go back tomorrow to deal with it.

I looked for fabric to border the not-quite-big-enough quilt-top with the dusty dark turquoise vintage fabric and found something perfect to finish it with. I'd thought it would be a lot-lot-lot harder to find something suitable.

Back at home I put the pork in the crockpot with a couple ribs of celery, a clementine (peel and flesh) and several peppercorns. I'll add potatoes and carrots later this afternoon.

This evening I got the borders on the four-patch quilt top and it turned out really great. I also made up the binding for both this top and the log cabin top just to make sure I don't accidently use up that fabric in some other project before this one is completed. These things sometimes happens ya'know.


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