May. 22nd, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

Got sunshade canvas and poles, tub of ropes and spikes, tub of camp carpet, etcetra loaded up and ready to go for tomorrow in spite of the rainy day. While watching the weather channel weekend predictions shifted back and forth regarding the weather clearing or scattered thunder showers. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for a nice day.

Sash wants movement and color so this evening I hemmed a couple remnant pieces of lining for banners Saturday. I'd found three slim bamboo poles in my garden supplies that we can use for banner poles before they go back for beanpoles this summer.


Picked up Sash mid-afternoon to head out to JAV to set up for the faire tomorrow. We had a real nice turnout all afternoon so the division of labor wasn't too bad. As part of the early crew I helped raise... what? About five sunshades. A follow up crew [more men] arrived and dealt with two big pavillions. And another couple guys arrived in time to help put up the 'kitchen' tent. All that's left to set up tomorrow morning is the 'bumblebee' Saxon A-frame and the exhibits. Not to bad at all.

After I dropped the baron off I swung through behind the mall and found a nice, clean [really big] pallet which I managed to wrestle into the van and take home... wrestling it out and into the garage alone, too. We'll be outloading the downstairs storage room into the garage, onto the pallets. Then we'll set up the guest bedroom and sewing room and start sorting the boxes out one-by-one and putting away what we'll keep and pricing for rummage sale the rest. By fall after a September rummage we should have everything all nice and tidy at home. My bedroom will be getting some of this treatment too (it really needs it) and I'll finally be able, then, to get into some real, creative quilting again.

When I finally settled in downstairs tonight I found a note Leofwyna left for me there. We get Maggie from The Cat House... either Sunday or Tuesday I'll pick her up. Open hours are rather tight so we have to wait for 'em, then kitty love returns to The Wee Bluet!


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