Jun. 30th, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

Tried and tried to get in touch with Cat but apparently the phone number AND email addy in the old directory are too old. I am SO ready to get my hands on a new one if it ever gets issued. Did get out and finished mowing the rest of the yard this afternoon. Aside from that I loafed the day away. Leofwyna took off for her last travel planning potluck with her 'crew'.


I went through my box of paperwork today, filing some and throwing out a great deal more. I set aside a pile of pages to send along to Lana tomorrow. When Leofwyna got up we went to a movie this evening, Day and Knight was an entertaining romp we both enjoyed. At supper at Appleby's I discovered they serve a pretty good fajita; not quite as good as Leofwyna's but pretty good.


I ran errands this afternoon, or tried to. Couldn't get on a computer at CYT as they've changed things and you have to have a code to get on. There's only one 'public' computer and the gentleman on it looked to be well settled in. So I went to the public library where I couldn't seem to get it to 'send' the document I was dealing with. (I had already had trouble with the computer at home; poor aged thing.) A phonecall to Gyda this evening; I'll physically deliver the thing to her at work tomorrow morning. Other things on my to do list will also wait for tomorrow. However, I was successful making and mailing copies to Lana and finding a FAX to send several more recent pages to her that way.

Out in the garden this evening I harvested a good sized mess of broccoli. I'll take along Halftroll's share when I see Gyda tomorrow.

I spent a good chunk of time making the top for Leofwyna's new two-piece dress. It looks really good and I'm optimistically confident I got the size right. At the end of that my forearms and wrists really were feeling it.


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