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Driving home last night at 10:30 the air was so full of haze there were times I couldn't see beyond the nose of the car. This was not fog or smog, it was smokiness from the fireworks going off all over the place. There were some seriously big boomers out there in addition to the usual sparklers, rockets and what-not. I just drove straight home and retreated to the basement to watch TV and pet the cat.

Before going to bed I found an old notebook and started making a list of things I might accomplish during the thirteen days Leofwyna is gone. All good intentions for the moment; we'll just see how that goes.

Anyway, after spending a quiet morning reading email and catching up on the computer I went to KFC for a late lunch and back at home I braved the potentially wet yard and got the entire lawn mowed except for the bit east of the garage which really was too wet still. It wasn't awfully hot, for a wonder, but the humidity was pretty thick so I did the work in two parts with a substantial resting period between.

Back in the house this evening the computer was hit with a virus so ended up with the 'check and connect' program 7-11 when that program dumped too. I called that in and was told I needed to arrange for a new modem tomorrow. With that I shut things down and headed to bed rather frustrated.
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Still fighting with the computer. Got the purging system going on it AGAIN and headed out to the library to use the computer there for a quick read through my email. Finished organizing for the weekend which is full of things to do.


Spent the day at Sash's appretice ingathering. Luchie was there too. Marcella and I were making garb for Sash while he worked on Pennsic garb for their majesties. I got pants and a tunic done using the toasty gold stripe cotton I'd found recently; I just have to finish buttonholes on the pants this week and get them back in time for him to pack.


I picked Sash up to go to Antelope Park for our Newcomer's Revel. Saraphina and Natalya organized it as a followup for our JAV demo last week. We had an excellent turnout of barony folks and I'm told there were eleven interested people who'd been at JAV. In addition we scored some walk-by interest as well. One gentleman was quite taken with the tablet weaving loom and singing rounds. As he was also talking about going to coronation next fall I matched him up with a tunic from Gold Key for the summer. I really think we'll have some new members out of the work these two weekends.
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The computer is exceedingly ill and I spent many long hours on hold Wednesday dealing with 'help' to remedy the situation. Remedy failed late that night and I'm going through the whole mish-mash again today. A run to the city library this afternoon allows me to quickly sort through email, post this note and then it's back home to wait some more. Last night dragged in a major way and I want my full computer fix tonight.

Somewhat later THURSDAY

The computer is finally back up tonight but one of the fixes included eliminating my side of the situation. The help desk could clear Leofwyna's side but we couldn't access my side to allow the process to happen there. Finally the decision was reached to purge the problem side which was continuing to reinfect with the virus. So now I'm trying to remember my important sites while I try not to mourn the missing bookmarks I'd collected over the past couple years. Naturally I hadn't printed out any of 'em since my printer access is very minimal.
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It rained through the morning and well into the afternoon. A good day to stay in and play in the internet and then play with the fabric scraps some more.


Danger, danger... caught a horrendous computer virus... too late in the day apparently to reach the office that can deal with the problem.


Spent hours attempting to contact, contacting and then waiting for the cleaning up process but finally about 6pm I was able to get back on the computer. It was a dreadful experience... however did I used to manage without it? Anyway, I finally was able to work on the Runstaff and get it sent out to Gyda for printing, whew!


When the sun broke through this afternoon I went out to deal with a list of errands I'd accumulated this week. Returned an overdue book and extended an audiobook at the library; picked up my prescription [ouch - the new insurance doesn't pick up much of that bill]; stopped in at the mechanic 'cause the car is running rough again [still?] and made an appointment for a diagnostic test Monday; and stopped in for Goodwill's 99-cent sales but didn't find much [just a couple cotton shirts and two demi-bushel baskets].

Back at home I pulled a box out of storage and sorted through some geneology notebooks and wiped down the cover of my Rector book with clorox/water to remove potential mildew. That's something else I want to get back into once we have the house whipped back into shape. Meanwhile I put most of it back in a fresh box back in storage.

Tonight a great black cloud rolled through with immense lightning displays... I spent a good deal of time watching the show.


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