May. 18th, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

Leofwyna got put on call so we watched the CDs I found awhile back of Studio Sixty. What an excellent series that was... too bad it got cancelled too soon.


Leofwyna got up early today so we could visit The Cat House. We put our names in to be reviewed against the time we find the cat/cats we want. We visited with various kitties while there and think maybe Maggie would suit us. We're waiting to hear back that we're acceptable. We also stopped in at the Animal Shelter but it was too late to see anything so we'll check back another day.

Back at home we did some work in the garage putting things up and away, sweeping out and it's beginning to look much better. I'll be able to get to things to load up for JAV this week.


Leofwyna wanted to go up to Omaha to the Thrift Worlds today. We found five cloche which I immediately grabbed since we NEVER see these and I've been using the one I have in the garden this year on one squash plant and really like how it works. Also found a dehydrater, a maple doll bed, an oak spool holder and various other odds and ends. We both felt we had good results. We also naturally hit Thai Pepper for lunch and Cheesecake Factory for supper, yummy!

Back at home going through emails found a brother/sister 5-y-o pair of cats on freecycle. We're in contact to consider them and be considered.


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