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Arranged for MnM to feed Joey while we're gone Saturday.  Got to see how much Mollie has grown, she's nearly doubled in size in the last week or so.  Aside from doing up dishes after putting one more pan of tomatoes to roast I accomplished nearly nothing but poking on the Internet and a movie that kept me up much later than I should have... I'd missed Space Cowboys in the theater but I was really enjoying it last night.


Packed up quickly and restrung my Viking necklace.  Today we're loaded up and heading off to Coronation.  Gyda and Gwyneth are riding with us so it should be a fun trip.  Poor Viljalhmer had to back out this time due to family issues so we may rattle around a bit in the van without him, he-he.  By the way, it's been raining all day and promises more tomorrow, blech!
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It's been a long day.  Harvested all tomatoes with any color at all as we've had cool weather several days in a row and the flavor will be changing; these will be the last for fresh eating.   Prepped last weeks remaining tomatoes to go into the oven and roast 5 hours... ended up with about three pounds bagged up and put in the freezer.  If it warms up and more tomatoes ripen they'll go directly to be roasted and frozen.  With enough seasoning the cool weather taste won't matter much.

I did finish the passports for the Jubilee Reign... 807 total.  There'll probably be more later in the year but for now it's done.  Also started sewing up assorted sizes of bags as largess for the next reign.  Their highnesses want to use bags instead of baskets for gift giving and I have some good sized upholstery samples for the purpose..
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Got up quietly today and slipped downstairs so Leofwyna could sleep in... boy, did she sleep in!  I basically spent a major chunk of the day computalating.  At four-thirty we headed out for Bran's BD grilling party with a couple thick rib steaks and some tomato salad; we were home again by eight-thirty.  We had a nice visit with Naimh and Asa, also Boris, Brannac, Kyrstin, Mikhail, Osrik, and a couple mundane family members.  I got in a couple hours of embroidery on the banner during the evening while Leofwyna had a turn on the computor.


I celebrated Labor Day in the kitchen putting up another batch of roasted tomatoes, this time with oregano and did up a big load of dishes.  When Leofwyna got off work we went out to the fairgrounds for supper and to use the ride tickets she bought Saturday.  Found the double ferris wheel had been taken down so settled for the gondola ferris wheel, a very overpriced and tame short ride. 
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I must of woke up ambitious today.  Found a recipe in a magazine for roasted tomatoes [the same recipe is in The Perfect Pantry] and decided to use up the Romas on the counter this way to use for pizza for supper tomorrow.  Washed dishes from the weekend and made a run to the store for garlic and olive oil and set up the tomatoes to slow cook for five hours.  Mowed the back yard, deadheaded the daylilies and roses and watered the elm tree and garden.   Now I have a quart jar of roasted tomato/garlic in the fridge; Leofwyna's excited about getting more done up to freeze for this winter for spagetti sauce too and reminded me there's garlic and basil in her veggie bed too. 


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