All last night I woke up every hour or so to clear my head, drink some water, roll over and doze back off. The illness consists of sore throat, rales, fatique and I slept through a major portion of this afternoon. This evening Leofwyna was due to begin several days dog-sitting which had timed out well for having a guest sleep over for Twelfth Night at the dogs' home. But it turned out these people turned back from Iowa due to weather or the kids' temperment (not clear about that) so Leofwyna began cleaning here at home and rearranging things for the guest. I managed to get through a couple loads of laundry; just had to be done.

Just before bedtime the tree tipped over so we struggled with getting it back up and into my dressform stand as a 'fix'. I left Leofwyna putting ornaments back on it as I headed to bed. Fortunately only half a dozen glass ornaments broke... one of them was the pretty new topper we'd found this year so I'll have to be looking for another one.


I slept a little better during the night but ended up sleeping in the afternoon again. Did get some grocery shopping done so I could put together the filling for pasties and pie for Twelfth Night this evening. I also threw a bunch of recycling into the trunk to get it out of the house. I should be doing more tonight but I've completely run out of energy.

Being thoroughly snowed in we decided to make my birthday celebration somewhat simpler than planned. Leofwyna made a lovely supper from the freezer... bbq ribs and noodle cassarole. The cookies and the puzzle we'd found recently in Omaha completed a very pleasant evening's entertainment.


When Leofwyna rolled out of bed this afternoon we headed outside to dig everything out. I ran the snowblower on the driveway and sidewalks. Leofwyna dug out the graded end of the drive and sidewalks then enlisted the neighbor, Marty, to go pull my car out of the snowbank. We ended up the day doing another jigsaw puzzle (a borderless one, yerch!).


I've spent too many days housebound. Going out to deal with the snow does NOT count. I took the opportunity to leave the house today to go to the library and pick up my prescription. Tonight Leofwyna and I put together a third jigsaw puzzle: perhaps we should put these away again and get something real done.


Last night I dreampt I was sick and woke up this morning with a miserable cough, sore throat and rales. Bleh!

It appears that I probably had the H1N1 flu. .  Today however (knock on wood) I actually think I'm feeling better.  I did take a bit of a nap this afternoon but otherwise I've been alert all day and eating reasonably hasn't been so much a chore.  I've lost 5-6 pounds over the week and it would be nice to maintain that and add to the number.  We'll see how that goes.

One of the strange dreams I had this week involved a rant and I remember the bulk of it because it is so true... but I tell you, a rant by moi is a truely rare and wonderful thing so I'd better record it here. 

Regarding Bizarre Food, or whatever it's called as I can't even find it listed in the TV Guids, this has no place on one of my favorite channels. Not so much because it has no interesting, entertainment, educational, or morally uplifting value because I can avoid the episodes by using my control dial but because I can't control the advertisement placement and I find them frequently disguisting over... and over... and over... )

And now this evening I got all my 'sick' linen gathered into the laundry room and I've gotten the first couple loads of laundry done.  I'm a little worn out now though so I'm leaving the rest until tomorrow and will catch up with computor stuff for awhile before heading off to bed.

Slept again through most of Sunday and after an extra long session of the shudders mid-afternoon caught myself nearly passing out from tensing against the shivers (cutting oxygen to my system) so I laid down again and slept some more.  Monday I was feeling some better again, napped lightly but caught up on the computer and managed some reasonable eating so I hope I can get out and about tomorrow.  I have a meeting Wednesday and third quarter reports to do this week. 

Seems like I've returned to the living after sleeping 15-17 hours each day. I never really felt sick; just didn't eat much and slept... and slept... and slept. Got bored and enough with the strange dreams already. Dreaming you're a ghost is just wierd!

I hope all my friends are feeling frisky and productive.  For myself after two days working with Micky on the front flower beds I did expect to be achy... but this is rediculous.  I feel extremely lethargic, headachy and alternately hot, then cold; but no fever strangely enough.  And absolutely no apetite. 
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Woke up today with stuffy sinuses and a sore throat.  Dangit!  I just went through this a couple weeks ago; don't want to do it again.  Accomplished nothing but the dishes today.  I didn't want my feast gear from Saturday getting pitted so I bestirred my\self for that at least.  This evening my glands are not swollen but they do feel tight.  Blech!
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I hadn't heard a bit of Leofwyna getting off to work and it was the phone that woke me after ten solid hours of sleep.  You'd think I have sprung up alert and ready to start the day but no-o-o, I was loggy and grouchy with no one to grouch at.  My head was clear and it was an hour or so before the sneezing took back up with the drips.  I think the cold is on the way out but I'm still easily fatiqued so I took it easy and slow.  Did get out to pick up prescriptions and stop at the library where I perused a couple gardening books in one of their easy chairs.  I stopped in at one thrift store where I found myself a nice summer cotton knit top in my favorite turquoise and a cowrie shell belt.  Finally a quick stop at the grocery for bread, eggs bananas and chocolate.

It was such a pretty day with temps topping in the 70s; I sure wish I'd been up to starting yardwork as I still have six raised beds that need clearing before I can plant in them this spring.   There's also the apple tree that didn't get taken out last fall... wonder if it can take one more summer shading the west side of the house without falling over on it. 
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Leofwyna is acquainted with a young woman who is training to be a massage therapist and wants to have her 'experience' sessions completed when she finishes the course.  In order to do this she is already booking appointments with volunteers so Leofwyna got both of us on her calender to surprise me.  So today we each got a full body relaxation massage and I must say it was wonderful.  She is really good. 

Last January, a friend of Little Sister gave us a gift card to Outback and we decided to use it today.  We had babyback ribs and our meal was wonderful.  Not only that but Outback is much closer than Chili's where we usually go for that sort of meal.  This is good to know. 

Leofwyna was on a roll.  Next on her agenda was a movie and as everything was relatively relaxing and restful I had no good reason not to go along with her plan.  We went to see Race to Witch Mountain which was a light, fun adventure by Disney.  I vaguely remember seeing at least one of the former Witch Mountain movies many, many years ago. 

The day was not complete without a stop at 31 Flavors for ice cream... I had a chocolate shake that went down very easily but I was ready to go home.  Mostly the cold is sneezing and drips but at least I can breath; I just have no energy to speak of.  It was a good day though.
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I did stay home today with the cold which is a real shame because it was such a beautiful day.  I stepped to the mail box a couple times, and heard the cardinal singing "Spring is here, spring is here, pretty-pretty-pretty."  I accomplished absolutely nothing as my head is lined in cotton wool and my glands are somewhat swollen.  I hate this!
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Today I did four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and so on and so forth.  Well into the evening I began to feel the next stages of a cold settling in and ultimately yesterday's tickle in the throat developed into sinus and upper chest congestion.  So it looks like when the alarm clock goes off in the morning I'll be calling to let my ride know I won't be going to the Mullen demo; then I'll probably go back to bed for a few more hours.  Darn it, I was looking forward to going since the weather looked to be good and this demo may be a nice one if the community turns out for it. I was going to work on bookbinding which I thought would be good visually and I'd have largess besides.


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