Today I got out and weeded the four active veggie beds. While I was at it I picked eight small and two medium tomatoes to ripen on the counter. The tomato plants are, so far, disappointing this summer. By now we should have enough to share and it's not happening so far.

When Leofwyna got up I cleaned up and we went to Ticos for supper then a movie, Sorcerer's Apprentice. I had to talk her into that one 'cause she hadn't seen the previews, nor heard anything about it, but it turned out to be as good as I expected. There were some really clever interpretations of the magic theme and we both enjoyed it hugely.


I got back out to the garden to weedwhack all around the veggie beds and IN the inactive ones. My goodness it was hot today so that was really NOT a lot of fun! Leofwyna brought Chinese back for supper after running a few shopping errands.
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Got about three loads of laundry cycled through this afternoon. Thought about mowing but decided it could go another day or two. Spent a good deal of time trying to make phone contacts with minimal luck.
Harvested half a dozen little orange tomatoes to ripen on the counter; I think the green beans are mostly done for.

This evening Leofwyna and I discussed our options for our Niobrara trip and narrowed things down to two 'best' choices. We're both looking forward to this very relaxing 4-5 days camping right here in Nebraska within half a day's drive from home.


Finally made contact with Carlos, still waiting call-back from Thedrik and Rev. Krause.
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Called and got the form so portajons can be finalized for Cattle Raids but wasn't able to reach Rev. Krause... try again tomorrow. Harvested green beans and broccoli from the garden. The tomatoes are being slow to develop but I did get a couple little ones picked and final ripened on the counter. We took the van out to Dodge to deal with the wet problem; hope they can fix it for her.
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OMG it was hot today with a nasty heat index, but in spite of this I got the lawn mowed this afternoon to beat the predicted thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow. I got my first to very small tomatoes out of the garden today and harvested some more green beans. I should do some more in the veggie beds but it's gotta cool down a little before I do. Blech!
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Harvested a double handful of green beans from the garden Monday, the first of the season. There are little green tomatoes but nothing ripening there yet. Sorted through a pile of books and papers so some progress continues on that front. Leofwyna grilled rib steaks and corn on the cob for supper, yum! While we watched tv I stripped more cotton cutters.
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I saw Toni out watering her garden and since I'd not seen much of her this summer I strolled over for a visit. Her garden sure looks a lot better than mine does but it's only her second year and she says she's still learning. Ended up telling her about Organic Gardening Magazine, shared compost info and compared broccoli progress. Her broccoli hasn't buttoned up yet so I harvested mine and gave her a batch. With Leofwyna gone I haven't been able to keep up with it.

With thunderstorms threatening today I put off dealing with the garage and emptied my bedroom into the living room instead. I'm busily sorting lots and lots of that stuff so I can pack it up to go either downstairs to keep/use or for this fall's rummage sale.

The storm this evening came on like a freight train (very vigerous and noisy) and dumped really heavy rain. That seriously effects garden work for the next couple days anyway.
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Went to the library this afternoon and printed out some email pages just in case my email addy gets dumped again this summer. Notification came out indicating July 9th was the purge date; I emailed to prevent it but after all it happened last year about this time. I didn't want to lose some of the Cattle Raids information if it happened again this year.

Back at home I went out and cut weeds back in four of the six veggie beds and removed more than half of the volunteer dill plants around the four active veggie beds. So far I've only gotten broccoli and little squash from the garden but there are little green tomatoes and the beans and potatoes are flowering prettily. There's no sign of the nasturtiums, spinach or carrots I planted but marigolds are blooming and radish greens are looking good.
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I did run over to the Salvation Army to check the 50% clothing sale today but I skipped the run across town to A&S this week. Back at home I did get the weedwhacker out in the backyard and whittled away at the weeds around the garage and between the veggie beds. That alone makes a surprising difference however the humidity was abysmal and I called it done for the day with that.
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Delivered the Runestaff and broccoli to Gyda this morning then spent time this afternoon getting the flyer printed out and duplicated to include in it. This evening I went out to Walt Library park for the social moot and started distributing the Runestaffs. I got to visit with Isadora about noon inn for Cattle Raids; no one else is stepping up for it so she'll probably be doing it. Zino and Vasilla are set to handle MOY.


Sewed up Leofwyna's skirt and hemmed up the sleaves on her new blue top. Ran out to Hancocks to pick up some black elastic to finish the waist of the skirt. We went to supper at the China Buffet when she came home from Shelly's. Back at home I started sewing up s piece of what I think is linen/cotton for a new shift as a swatch burned to soft ash.
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Tried and tried to get in touch with Cat but apparently the phone number AND email addy in the old directory are too old. I am SO ready to get my hands on a new one if it ever gets issued. Did get out and finished mowing the rest of the yard this afternoon. Aside from that I loafed the day away. Leofwyna took off for her last travel planning potluck with her 'crew'.


I went through my box of paperwork today, filing some and throwing out a great deal more. I set aside a pile of pages to send along to Lana tomorrow. When Leofwyna got up we went to a movie this evening, Day and Knight was an entertaining romp we both enjoyed. At supper at Appleby's I discovered they serve a pretty good fajita; not quite as good as Leofwyna's but pretty good.


I ran errands this afternoon, or tried to. Couldn't get on a computer at CYT as they've changed things and you have to have a code to get on. There's only one 'public' computer and the gentleman on it looked to be well settled in. So I went to the public library where I couldn't seem to get it to 'send' the document I was dealing with. (I had already had trouble with the computer at home; poor aged thing.) A phonecall to Gyda this evening; I'll physically deliver the thing to her at work tomorrow morning. Other things on my to do list will also wait for tomorrow. However, I was successful making and mailing copies to Lana and finding a FAX to send several more recent pages to her that way.

Out in the garden this evening I harvested a good sized mess of broccoli. I'll take along Halftroll's share when I see Gyda tomorrow.

I spent a good chunk of time making the top for Leofwyna's new two-piece dress. It looks really good and I'm optimistically confident I got the size right. At the end of that my forearms and wrists really were feeling it.
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Thought today was household so I whisked through the rest of preparing the Runestaff to mail, dropped them in at the post office, made a quick stop at the library for a few more David Weber books for the weekend and went to Sash's. Discovered household is next Saturday... oops!

Later back at home while Leofwyna worked on her front of the house flower bed I thoroughly weeded and reseeded my four veggie beds. I discovered during my weeding process that there was literally nothing left of five potato sets so I used the space for beans, carrots and spinach. Ended the exercise by helping Leofwyna put in the rest of her plants in order to beat the dusk.
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Leofwyna has been working on a project getting a rock border in around the south and west foundation of the house. I helped when she needed the bags of rocks moved from the back to the front, otherwise I finished weedwhacking, emptied stuff out of the van from the weekend and weeded/watered my veggie beds. I'm rather disappointed to find only three of the eight potatoes have emerged. Since I have only the four beds though this will give me a chance to put in some other stuff before I head off to Lilies next month.


So I'm thinking about the fact there's only two weeks until I leave for Lilies and perhaps I should be getting somewhat organized for that and for what follows this summer.

\ mail out June RUNESTAFF
\ deadhead peonies
learn camp stove usage/get fuel for it
\ make jerky (pack for Lilies)
\ make appointment for endocrinologist visit/update prescription
\ fill all prescriptions
\ June Moot/finance committee... Cattle Raids list

\ replant in veggie beds where potatoes failed
beans, carrots, spinach, radish, lettuce, nasturtiums, marigolds
\ pack up projects/clear downstairs living room
\ Maggie for vet check up/adjust prescription

\ household June 5
\ June 6 newcomers' revel
\ freeze ice for Lilies
\ sort/pack camp clothes
\ sort/pack camp gear
purchase/freeze/pack camp food
eggs, bacon, wurst, mac 'n cheese, white beans, apples, onions,
bisquik, milk, nut wafers, bread, butter, syrup, brown sugar,
oil, cinnamon, sugar, salt, pepper
load van
\ mow/mulch veggie beds where possible/water if necessary
LILIES June 11-20

unload van/put away camp gear
prepare July RUNESTAFF
exchange 'bits 'n bobs' [?]
sew Leofwyna's cruise gear before July 4
July Moot
turn out compost piles
sift complete compost for cleared weedy beds
continue clearing weedy beds/build new veggie bed frames
as available plant potato, cauliflower, brussel sprouts
strip webbing/cut down sunshade
vacate storage to garage
set up sewing area
rebuild large sunshade/make new sunshades
row cover for brussel sprouts, cauliflower
prepare fall/winter veggie beds and plant during July
peas, beets, garlic, spinach, greens
set up guest room
sort/price for rummage sale
finish and add new gold key items/mend old gold key
August Moot
Get Mr Amoto to remove appletree stump late summer
visit Kronberg with Owain and Thedrich (one trip or two?)
confirm portajons
prepare for Cattle Raids
CATTLE RAIDS and Niobrara trip

set up rummage sale
clear summer harvest
put up hoop shelters for winter harvests
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Finished getting the crabgrass roots out of the west veggie bed but the poor, old wood of the frame self-destructed and I'm going to have to do something about that before I can get the sifted soil back in it and plant anything. Oh well, that was not really a complete surprise. No doubt some of the other five beds will do the same as I work though them.

Leofwyna came out and worked in the flower beds awhile and took a ride on the refurbished bike before dragging me off for supper and a movie. Unfortunately the theater management decided during the afternoon to cut a showing and we showed up to be told "So sorry." The manager was surprised we'd looked it up around 7pm and it was still listed for 9:45 but that didn't change the fact we'd driven across town for it.

Back at home we cleared some old VCR tapes while working up another jigsaw puzzle.
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During the early afternoon I finished clearing the craft area for Leofwyna's use although my sewing area is still a mess. I got the rest of the lawn mowed and my squash, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower and basil seedlings set out in the garden late this afternoon before heading out to this month's social moot. We made JAV plans with Jim Ballard and among other activities the musicians and dancers practiced, the barony conducted interviews and munchies were consumed.
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Leofwyna got up early today to get turned around for the weekend. To help her keep active and awake we drove up to Omaha to shop for cruise clothes. [She's going to Alaska on this summer.] We hit a bunch of shops and she found the absolutely necessary items and a couple extras then she treated me at Cheesecake Factory for supper. I do love the Thai Lettuce Wraps and the Pineapple upside-down cheesecake. On the way home we stopped in at Brass Armadillo and perused about half the store before her feet and our time ran out.


We got up and loaded the van to head out for an event weekend. Before getting out of town we were distracted by a few garage sales. Leofwyne found an unusual wool Army blanket she'll make another chaparone from. We got almost to Nebraska City when Leofwyna realized her garb was still hanging on her bedroom door. Two hours later we were back to that point and any thoughts of stops along the way were tabled for some other trip. We arrived at our crash site in good time though so all was well.


We went to Caleigh with our guest, Greg, and had a nice time at a sweetly laid-back event with perfectly beautiful spring weather. Leofwyna is really good with the patter about SCA so I let her fill Greg in on all the details. We watched the fighting, archery and Highland games, visited with their excellencies and eavesdropped on some Vatavian shenanigans. At the end of the day Greg treated us to a steak dinner at a place he likes before crashing back at his place.

I offered him tent space if he should want to check us out at Lilies this summer but somehow I doubt he'll take me up on it.


During the odd free moments and quiet afternoons I've been putting random leftover scraps together crazy-style and I'll assemble them strippie-wise with leftover blocks for a donation quilt top.


Got out in the garden and turned over the four cleared beds and put in the potato sets and the big broccoli seedlings. I also mowed the verges and backyard. I'm letting the sqill and windflowers have one more week before I mow the frontyard.
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I got into the garage awhile this afternoon and started sorting stuff onto the new shelves. The high shelf over the window is just right for the five empty ice chests. The four shelving units Leofwyna picked up at Walmart a couple years ago fit along the north wall, two on either side of the window there, and will hold camping, gardening and grilling things conveniently.

The Halftroll and I got the oldest compost pile emptied and sifted onto the four cleared veggie beds and the compost turned in. I shifted some of the leaves off the top of the neighboring pile into the empty one and with his help got the winter compost bucket dumped over... phew!!! At that it was time to stop and wash off the stink... we called it a day and he went off to find his supper.
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Since it was such a pretty day I went out looking for rummage sales this afternoon while Leofwyna slept. Found a few and an estate sale too but didn't find a thing to tempt my purse and came home empty handed. My 'minions' (Halftroll and Maire) showed up right on schedule and the three of us dug out three of the raised veggie beds. Sifted the dirt of weed roots and such, got the clods broken down and those beds are certainly looking really good. There were lots of lovely worms in there working the soil for me. I'll plant potatoes, broccoli, spinach, radishes and green onions in these beds.

Halftroll and Maire will get shares out of the garden all year in trade for spring and fall labors keeping the beds functioning. That will help me keep up with the other spring and fall yardwork duties that pile up otherwise. This will be a very good thing. I'm eagerly anticipating a nicely productive garden all summer and fall.

Before we were done Leofwyna was up and I suggested she take the herbs out of her veggie bed so she and I could treat that bed the same way. The camomile, majoram and I'm not sure what all will go back in and I'll add basil and parsley.
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It was supposed to rain this morning but it didn't. I still didn't get out into the garden to start work there; my middle name should be procrastination! I watered and set the two flats of seed pots out on the sunny step for the afternoon AND remembered to bring them in again.

Although it was a pretty day I spent the afternoon on the computer doing job searches. One of the aps I sent off is on UNL campus which I'd really like to get back to especially for the benefits.

In the evening I sewed together the log cabin blocks. I need to find a bit of fabric for an inner border and binding before I put the pieced borders on. I know I have a backing fabric in my stash somewhere for this then I can baste it for quilting.
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With the beautiful weather this week I had intended to get lots done outside but all good intentions aside all I got done was to make the seedpots from paper roll tubes and fill them for broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and basil.

Leofwyna commented on the job situation the other night so I've buckled down to the job search again. I'd gotten discouraged about lack of results and slacked off awhile and that's gotta change.

Today I got my seed box and the canister of LS's whole grains downstairs to remember to give them some attention. I had seen a viability chart somewhere on a blog and was determined to find it again and sort my seeds and discard old, probably bad seed and make plans for what I need to get this year. A great deal of what I have is still probably good; I'll test some of the older broccoli for viability to be safe. I dumped the rejects in the compost on my way up to bed.


I figured LS must have gotten her whole grains at Whole Foods so I called this morning to see if they could tell me what I had from the code numbers written on the twist ties. This was successful and now I know I need to find recipes for couscous, quinoa, mung beans, groats, rice, brown rice, forbidden rice and basmati. I trimmed the two linen tunics this afternoon with Gyda's excellent tablet weaving so I could deliver those this evening at A&S. Halftroll's so cute; he tried them both on right away to see how they fit. Looked good!

Back at home tonight I darned Leofwyna's favorite woolen bed socks a second time. These are the first pair I knit five (or so) years ago and I've promised that as long as I have leftover matching yarn I'll continue to darn them for her.


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